Tecnest presents J-Flex 4.U

  • 07-03-2013

Tecnest presents  the official preview of the new software suite J-Flex 4.U (“For You”) for production planning, monitoring and operations management.

New features for planning, scheduling, MES and operations management and new vertical solutions for specific industry needs will be provided, all on the same platform.

J-Flex 4.U is "For You", that means for the customer and for the single user, since both customer needs and user experience are crucial for Tecnest.

The new Supply Chain Management software introduces a real revolution in terms of use thanks to the new Role-based interface.

No longer do users need to shift from an application to another to find the information useful for their business roles. J-Flex 4.U delivers and presents all the information needed directly on the system's homepage.

This make operations management processes easier, more efficient and agile, with benefits in terms of better performances, easier decision making and less training costs.

The new release of J-Flex, which will be available only in Autumn 2013, has been launched through an advertising campaign both on press and on the Web. 

The new campaign presents the J-Flex 4.U software with the claim  "Agile, Esperto, Unico", (which means "Agile, Expert and Unique"), which are the main strenghths of this software. These three aspects are metaphorically represented by a ballerina jumping on a pending beam.

The image recalls the Tecnest 2012 campaign, where Tecnest consultants were sitted on the same beam, reproducing the famous picture "Lunch atop a Skyscraper"  taken during the GE Building construction in New York (1932, Charles C. Ebbets).

A new advertising campaign to highlight the union of Knowledge-Solutions, People-Software, Expertise-Technology which always characterized Tecnest's company identity.






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