FLEX PSC is the Product and Sales Configurator solution for product technical configuration and sales quotation


Flex PSC is both a technical configurator solution for the development od items, BOMs and cycles and a sales quotation solution for product's options definition and price quotation.

Thanks to this dual functionality, it is possible to create BOMs and production cycles, also considering the constraints among product attributes, and estimate the product costs, with the same tool. moreover, in case of made-to-order products, thanks to the integration with FLEX OPM sales module, it is possibile to generate an automatic quotation for the final customer.


FLEX PSC presents features for the configuration of single product and of products with multilevel BOMs, by answering to questions related to specific rules. Thanks to these advanced features, J-Flex PSC is an important tool both for MTS companies with standard products characterized by different attributes or composable, and for MTO companies, to easily define BOMs and production cycles and estimate costs and the sales quaotion for the final customer.


Thanks to FLEX modular architecture, the FLEX PSC solution can be either used in compliance with other FLEX applications or can be easily integrated with the existing company ERP.