Main features:

The FLEX PSC solution presents the following features:

Technical configurator:
  • Features for the configuration of single or complex (multilevel BOMS) products, by using questions and rules
  • Configuration flow management depending on the inserted answers: validation, option choice, mandatory questions, etc.
  • Insertion of items not part of the origianl model, duplication, insertion of single items or specific costs
  • Display of technical and commercial documents, drawins, spreadsheets online
  • Copy of existing configuration models or management of different configuration versions
  • Estimation of the configured items in terms of cost or price
  • Automatic generation of items, bills of material and manufacturing routings for every configuration, based on rules and logic modeled
  • Export of the generated structures towards the ERP system or native usage in the FLEX suite

System modelling

  • Feature to identify and define models, product configuration,design and costing rules
  • Configurable items, both physical (finished products, WIP, raw materials) and logical (e.g. cost or price items) and the related configuration attributes and properties
  • BOMs models of configurable items (physical or logical)
  • Configurable manufacturing routings
  • Configuration questions flow
  • Parametrics price lists
  • Intuitive macro-language to define Rules and Formulas at any level of complexity, including logical (if, then…), control (For, while…), or elaboration and table access rules
  • Integrated environment for rules development and testing
  • Files association (documents, immages, spreadsheets,…) for consultation, online help, historical view

Sales configurator / Quotation:
the system presents features to generate specific configuration templates, in order to easily insert configuration data and calculate cost or price quotations.

Sales proposals and quotations management:
The Product and Sales configurator is natively integrated with the FLEX module for economical quotation module, which presents the following features: 

  • Quotation definition and management
  • Pricing policies, discounts, price lists management
  • Quotation procedure management with definition of expiry dates, revisions, copies, etc.
  • Quotation Release and sending (via Email or Fax)
  • File attachment features (drawings, texts, documents, etc.)
  • Quotation history and analysis according to commercial or configuration data