FLEX provides Advanced Dashboard features that can be configured according to a specific business role.


In a production system, keeping track of manufacturing processes and performances it's an important activity. The use of specific KPIs can help this analysis. FLEX provides features to create Advanced Dashboards to display strategic information for each business function. The displayed data are extracted from the FLEX database or pshed by other systems; the information is in different ways: through grids, trees, graphics, gauges, pivot tables and KPIs.


According to the principles of role-based and visual manufacturing, users can easily access data and KPIs through the graphical and interactive features of FLEX provide intuitive and easy-to-use tools for data analysis so that also non-expert users can explore and analyze complex data by using a familiar tool.


The FLEX Advanced Dashboards can easily be configured with all the information and KPIs needed by a specific role. A set of preconfigured roles is already available in FLEX or can be modified and customized thanks to the FLEX "FOR YOU tools".

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