The J-Flex suite provides modular and scalable software solutions. For this reason, getting a precise pricing quote requires an accurate analysis of your company's needs by our presales team.

Therefore, in order to get information about pricing, you can choose between two different quotation processes, Self Service and Full Service, according to your needs.


Self-Service Pricing

To help you drawing up your budget and activities plan.

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Thanks to our Self-service Pricing system you can create your own pricing proposal and have it emailed to you ina very short time. What you'll get is a simple budgetary quotation useful to estimate your investments.



Full-Service Pricing

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Thanks to our Full Service Pricing module, you'll get in contact wioth our pre-sales team who will provide you with a detailed quotation according to your specific needs.

Please fill in the following form or contact us at +39.0432.511550; email.

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