Main features:

The FLEX Advanced Dashboards provide performance analysis features to easily and interactively analyze data stored in the FLEX database and therefore evaluate the performance of your company's operational processes (planning, production, sales, purchase, logistics, costs).

Role-based Dashboards:
it's a virtual desktop with a set of configurable dashboards and components where the user can find all the data and information he needs for his role, such as:

  • contextual data display in a table or graphically
  • alerts for emergency issues
  • a set of  KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or each specific business role (ex. the Overall Equipment Effectiveness - OEE)

Simulative KPIs for Planning:
the FLEX APS solution provides simulative KPIs for scenario analysis that help decision making process. The user can check the impact of each scenario on specific KPIs related to production or economical dimensions.

Roles management and Customization features:

  • Configuration features to manage and modify user roles.
  • Features to create new customized KPIs or dashboards, according to the needs.