FLEX TQM manages all quality control processes connected with production and traceability.

This solution is natively integrated with the execution and operations management features of FLEX (in particular with FLEX MES, OPM and WMS solutions); it can be integrated with the company existing ERP, alternatively to the Operations Management features of FLEX.

Main features:

In-process control:
Features to manage quality control during the manufacturing execution, in accordance with the J-Flex MES solution. It provides an operational user interface to manage MES and quality control activities in the factory.

Management of measurement instruments:
Features to manage instruments for measurement and calibration.

Goods receipt inception:
Features for quality control on goods receipt, based on the supplier quality level (according to Vendor rating).

Subcontracting goods receipt inception:
Features to manage and activate quality controls on goods received from subcontractors.

Conformity and quality management:
Features to manage "non-conformity" issues with the supplier, after the goods receipt inception.

Customers' complaint and problem management:
Features to manage and answer to customers'  complaints and to take the related corrective actions.

Vendor rating:
Features to calculate specific KPIS to evaluate each vendor in a specific and pre-defined period of time.