A clear methodological approach is required to achieve better results.

Thanks to the experience acquired and to the collaboration with project management experts, Tecnest has introduced its own specific project management methodology, identified by the acronym ELSE (Explore-Lead-Solve Evolve).
ELSE not only defines a sequential approach in the development of the solution, but it introduces a characterization strongly strategic and it directs toward the the return on investment (ROI), which follows the project from the first contact until the achievement of the expected objectives.

The ELSE methodology includes four  macro-phases, each of which has specific targets based on several in-depth levels and uses proper  tools and support methodologies.



(Project prior assessment and ROI estimation)

•    Assessment of the strategic scope of Tecnest intervention, identifying the objectives set out by the company, the areas of possible interest, the issues to take into account.
•    Analysis of the involved Supply Chain processes, by identifying the more consistent performance indicators, in order to define a reference in evaluating the costs-benefits ratio.
•    Estimation of the return on investment concerning Supply Chain Management systems through the Innovalue methodology, which was developed by Tecnest in collaboration with the “Politecnico di Milano”.


(project management 1st step)

  • Definition of the operational project plan based on the objectives and the situation mapped in terms of processes.
  • Definition of the resources, tools and timing required to implement the project, in accordance with the organizational impact of the solution.

In this step, our consultants follow a project management methodology in order to carry out the project phases and to define the project plan.  Moreover, Tecnest launched in 2012 the "Be Agile" project which aims to introduce innovative Agile Project Management tools in the ELSE methodology.


(project management 2nd step)

  • Implementazione delle soluzioni secondo il piano concordato, con costante verifica dei risultati per ogni fase e discussione di eventuali modifiche.
  • Interazione con l’organizzazione aziendale, per realizzare il cambiamento con la massima efficacia ed efficienza.
  • Condivisione dei risultati raggiunti e valutazione degli obiettivi realizzati dal progetto in relazione a quanto stabilito inizialmente (attività di benchmarking).

In this phase our J-FLEX software solutions are installed in order to answer to specific needs.


  • Implementation of the organizational and  software solutions according to the agreed plan, with a constant monitoring of the outcomes  in each phase and discussion of possible adjustments.
  • Interaction with the customer company structure and people, in order to achieve the changement with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Sharing of outcome achieved and evaluation of the objectives achieved by the project in accordance to the what has initially agreed (benchmarking activity).

In this step J-Flex solutions are implemented and installed, according to the project objectives and plans.


(Performance analysis and project evaluation)

  • Study and analysis of process performance through advanced dashboards
  • Calculation and evaluation of specific KPIs such as the O.E.E. (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

This step is supported by  J-Flex Advanced Dashboard module, specialized in the Operations Management processes, in order to measure and analyze the peformance of the implemented solutions.


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