FLEX WMS provides manufacturing companies with a specific tool for managing all warehouse processes related to the operations.

It is natively integrated with the manufacturing execution and operations management features and modules of the other FLEX applications (in particular FLEX OPM, FLEX MES and FLEX TQM) or, alternatively, can be integrated to the company existing ERP.

Main features:

Receiving and Subcontracting:
Features for inbound process management (goods receiving, subcontracting orders management, etc). The solution is natively integrated with the FLEX OPM purchasing and subcontracting orders management features or can be easily integrated with the company existing ERP system. The features are also available on mobile devices and PDAs by using the Terminal Server For Mobile Devices Technology.  All features are synchronized with the central system, as working from a desktop device.

Picking of materials or goods for production. This processes are natively integrated with the FLEX MES and APS solutions or can be easily integrated with the company existing ERP system.


Features for products shipping processes towards customers and suppliers. This processes are natively integrated with the Sales Management and Subcontracting orders management features of FLEX OPM or can be easily integrated with the company existing ERP system.

Main features:

  •  Management of the Shipping plan to customers/subcontractors, with 2 different :
    • PULL: Preparazione a Priori del Piano
    • PUSH: Generazione del Piano in Base al Materiale Prelevato
  • Picking List generation according to the plan (grouped bu item code or other criteria)
  • Picking activity management (from the system or via PDA connected in wi-fi)
  • Delivery note generation
  • Packing management with packing list generation

Special features:

FLEX WMS provides some “Special Features", to support specific organizations and processes:

Real-Time picking missions
This application works in a shop-floor context supported by a scheduling and a MES solution. It is therefore integrated with FLEX APS and MES. According to the production plan and to the actual production status, this feature provides the sequanced list of materials and WIPS whcih should be picked up, the locations where they are and where they should be moved. This application can also be used on mobile devices. Once a container is full or a working process is over, the system activates a mission to transfer the produced items to the following workarea or to the WIP stock or to the warehouse.

Transfer orders management for point-of-use storage:

Feature to generate a transfer order between warehouses. These transfer orders are generated by the MRP and are part of the planning process.

This way it is easier to manager the reorder of goods for Point-of-use warehouses or external warehouses (subcontractors).