The FLEX OPM solution complete and extend, on the same application platform, the APS and MES solutions, including all features for operations management (sales, purchase, logistics, costs processes management).

Main features:

Product and Process Engineering:
Functionality for Product and Process data management (Item Master, BOM, Production routings, etc.).

BOM and production routings can be parametrized, through the use of rules/formulas that can be defined by the user, the possibility to make product revisions and attach files (projects, pictures, videos, atc) to any item.

Product & Sales Configurator (FLEX PSC):
Product configurator software for single or multilevel configuration processes. It provides also features for pricing quotation and for the generation of BOMs and production routings. It is therefore both a produc and a sales configurator. It is natively integrated with the Design features and the Sales features for quotaqtion issue. It can be used as a stand-alone applicaiton to be integrated with the existing ERP. For more detailed information, please see the FLEX PSC webpage.

Sales Management:
Features for sales process management, such as:

  • Quotations, with the related progress-status management features
  • Order Entry
  • Open orders
  • Price lists
  • Intercompany orders
  • Sales forecasting
  • Order Fulfillment, integrated with FLEX APS
  • Shipment plan to customers (integrated with FLEX WMS)
  • Shipping
  • Invoicing

Purchase management:
Features to support the purchase process:

  • Purchase requests
  • Request of Purchase offers
  • Supplier orders
  • Open orders
  • PO price lists
  • Intergroup / Intercompany orders
  • Receiving
  • Suppliers' invoice control

Subcontracting order management:
Features to support subontracting orders, completely integrated with the Planning and Execution features of FLEX APS and MES.

Among those there are: Subcontractors' warehouse management, sending materials to subcontractors by order or deposit account, Sending WIPs,Subontracting orders requests and Production orders management.
These features are integrated with the Web applicaiton features of FLEX SCC (Supply Chain Collaboration).

Product Cost:
It provides product cost estimation by using BOMs and production routings structure and it provides Cost centres' hour costs as well as Material and works purchase costs:

  • Cost management (Standard, Current, Actual..)
  • Product cost detailed by each single cost component and subcomponent
  • Direct and indirect costs
  • Cost simulation and confrontation
  • Cost sheet with all data history.

Warehouse management:

It provides features for warehouse management in terms of material handling, stock management and inventory estimation, through:
  • Internal/External warehouses
  • Warehouse handling automatically from document/orders or manually
  • Batch/lot management
  • Inventory management
  • Real Time or Batch appreciation of warehouse handligs
  • Valorizzazione e Storicizzazione Giacenze con Vari Criteri (LIFO, FIFO, Medio, Ultimo, Standard, etc...)
  • Fulfillment of Fiscal obligations
  • Warehouse Analysis (ABC, KPIs, etc..)

The standard features of the Warehouse Management module are extended in the FLEX WMS (Warehouse Management System) solution.

Basic features:

  • Multi-company and multi-plant features
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-Language
  • Tools to manage and customize applications