Web features

FLEX SCC provides several web features to improve company communication and information sharing with its suppliers, customers and salesmen.

Suppliers/Subcontractors Collaboration features

  • Publication of Purchase / Outsourcing Orders 
  • Publication of Open Orders delivery Plan
  • Requests for Purchase / Outsourcing Offers
  • Sending of Reminders
  • Order modification
  • Drawings and technical documents
  • Subcontractor's stock Inventory status
  • Subcontracting orders confirmation and monitoring
  • Printing label features
  • Vendor Rating view

Customers Collaboration features

  • Order progress status
  • Pubblication of on-going orders
  • Display of standing-by offers
  • Warehouse inventory status
  • Performed shipments

Sales Force Automation features

  • Insertion of temporary customer orders
  • Insertion of economical offers
  • Product & Sales configurator
  • Automatical Email notification in case of modification/request for modification on the existing data.
Screenshot SCC

Offline features (for company internal users)

FLEX SCC provides company internal users with features to manage information flows with Business Partners, which are integrated with other FLEX solutions. Among those there are:

  • Analysis and management of modification requests made by customers/suppliers
  • Temporary customer orders approval
  • Warehouse automatic loading with subcontractors/suppliers materials
  • Monitoring of Subcontracting activities' Progress status



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